Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Talk about Merlin deal, SNOCAP on MySpace

There's been a lot of blog coverage of the deal SNOCAP did with Merlin over the weekend. Mack Collier is talking talks about the role that SNOCAP and MySpace play in changing the viral marketing opportunities for artists. Jordan from telltenfriends comments "I can see it now. Each band with its own army of affiliate citizen marketers...". Yes! That's exactly it!!! Sure, it's very cool that artists can sell tracks directly to their fans from their MySpace page. But the real potential is that fans can grab the store and put it on their own pages. Fans are incredible, and when artists reach out to them directly, they will do anything to promote them and get some attention.

Expect to see more from features from SNOCAP that make the connection between artists and fans even stronger!

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