Monday, February 05, 2007

Charlie stole the handle

Wandering aimlessly on myspace and searching for bands selling their tracks, I came across Attic of Love. The first track I bought was Locomotive Breath, because after listening to the clip and being an old Tull fan, I had to have it. Yes, it absolutely rocks. So I checked out the rest of the tracks on their forthcoming release "Born Again", and I was pretty much blown away. Ass-kicking, great vocals, guitar, thoughtful lyrics, and that thing that sets them apart--flute. So I particularly like the tracks Born Again, Makes You, Taste, Green Lantern and Waking up from the American Dream. Imagine if Ian Anderson met up with some hardcore alt/punk rockers. My advice to the band is to keep working the things that make them unique (also...Cross Eyed Mary!!!). My advice to you is to buy the album and see them live (that last part I hope to do some day).

Here's the store. Paste it on your page! Tell your friends to do the same!

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