Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thoughts on the evolution of digital media publishing

Technological capabilities and constraints have shaped how publishers make their content available to consumers on the Internet, but certain fundamental business and economic forces drive the evolution of technology and the industries involved in the publishing, delivery and monetization of digital media. The business forces that influence publishers as they choose digital media solutions stem from three basic objectives.

  • Control the distribution, presentation, and monetization of their premium content
  • Maximize the monetization opportunity
  • Reduce costs by implementing efficiencies derived from workflow optimization and economies of scale

These objectives directly influence the course of the industry that serves digital video publishers, and favors a market that provides competitive offerings at each layer of the solution stack. Best of breed solutions can be integrated by publishers, allowing them to control delivery of content to consumers in a way that maximizes monetization and offers workflow efficiencies. Vertically integrated solution providers have given way to horizontal layers that compete with one another, allowing the publisher greater leverage on cost and control.

I'm doing some research into how the business forces that drive publishers impacts the nature of the solutions that are available to deliver digital media—specifically digital video—to consumers on the web and via mobile networks. While the interaction of technology with these business drivers has a broad impact on the solution space, I'm paying special attention to systems that provide monetization options. More to come...

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